Monday, 2 February 2015

Dissipate 2

I never tire of drawing with charcoal. Maybe its because its so good at showing mood but I suspect that its more to do with its immediacy. Comparing it with painting which is so time consuming, well when you paint as I do, is not really useful. Oil painting needs more planning and can go wrong which, after you have spent so long at it, therefore can be more emotionally painful. That may sound pretentious but its not meant to be. Charcoal is more of a preparatory process for some later work. If it goes wrong its easy to throw it in the bin. These pieces take about a day to draw and then a bit of digital work. With this piece I touched up the whites in the eye and lips and then added a little colour over the bottom left. However I'm still not sure where these are going, the aim is to produce paintings, proper art, from this work. Should I concentrate on the development or just take the easy option and draw a few more?

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