Thursday, 25 July 2013


This is the first painting in the Elements series.  Not a very good photo of it, particularly the colour.  It was painted almost straight after the Autumn painting. Its still not right but I did use it for my banner.

The reference image came from Nicole Marsh on Deviant Art. Again everything started from a sketch which layered landscape images and some drawings of ivy roots. I really like the pose of the model with her face pushed forward into the frame and the wild look of the hair.  When I came to the painting it did change quite a bit and I started integrate the roots into the neck to the point where they became part of the neck. Almost growing into the neck muscle and then warping into the face. 
There are lots of the painting that I really like but the I never managed to get all the elements into the piece.  Originally this was meant to be this strange woman out in the night, a very cold night. she is not protected from the elements. She is becoming part of the landscape, reflecting the wintery feel of the night. The part that didn't work was the depiction of frost settling on the hair which is just visible in the last image below.  It just didn't look right so I painted it out in the final piece. Maybe I'll go back at some point and work it back in.

These are the main stages of the development of Elements from sketch to final painting. 

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