Sunday, 21 July 2013

First Blog!

This is the first painting in a Seasons series - Autumn. The idea was to combine various elements together in one painting. Hares have always fascinated me - they have a certain magical wildness to them which seems a little outside the normal. The thing I really like about this painting is that it started me painting again. The realism of the work is reasonably good but it still needs refining but unfortunately it has become an issue with all my work. I am not trying to create a photo realistic painting but simply to utilize some of the techniques to create a believable painting that is clearly not. 

The idea came from a simple development of drawing a portrait and combining this with various elements of the season. Driving home one night through the small country lanes I became interested in the the blowing leaves which seem to come toward the car in a spiral. It's one of those things that take very little notice of at the time but simply file it away. So, about a year later, when drawing the portrait this came to mind and hence was added. What I should have done was thought about the composition more. It's badly balanced and the face needed to be much more central. I started it over the summer 2012 and finished it around September of that year. Its Oil 18 by 14.
When I started to think about the possibility of selling work I looked at Saatchionline. It's there for prints but, alas, no sells at the moment.

These are the main stages of the development of Autumn from sketch to final painting.

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